ID management service

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Centralized management by linking SNS accounts and customer information

Advanced ID management functions centrally manage users of various social media and websites including LINE,
and advanced ID management functions centrally manage users of various social media and websites including LINE,
realizing complete marketing automation.

Create new customers by
connecting online and offline users

Offline↔︎EC collaboration

EC-linked service that utilizes various customer information such as store visit records

User visibility

A new mobile service that visualizes the flow of people visiting a city or place and increases the number of users and repeat customers.

findout's purchasing behavior measure in the social media era “ULSSAS”

Offline↔︎EC collaboration

Automatically send recommendations to customers

When you visit the store, we automatically send you a message with information such as recommended products based on your store visit information and customer information.

Fully automatic marketing automation is realized by sending coupons and online sales links for recommended products to customers who have not visited the store for a certain period of time.

"By using findout, we were able to distribute recommended product information optimized for each user based on store visit records and customer information, and by linking to EC, we were able to connect not only to in-store sales but also to later EC sales."

– A certain store

User visualization ①

How to turn your friends into users

Utilizing LINE official website to acquire friends = inbound users

Achieve conversion from friend to user (customer)Various extensions that LINE official cannot do alone

Increase user numbers by visualizing user behavior and paths using unique features such as GPS and beacons

User visualization ②

Digital stamp rally

Providing digital maps of various places such as tourist spots and shops in the city on LINE
Get rewards just by walking around town and going to the place!


– A certain local government

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